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Software development is carried out by highly skilled experts of our company and with the best technical decisions. Our ambitions force us to aspire for more difficult and big heights with responsibly and pedantically solving of delivered tasks. Our production’s quality is guaranteed by the international certificate ISO which confirms that our products have the highest quality and account for the highest requirements in manufacturing management and business processes.

Our mission is to enable companies to increase their business through the use of information technologies.
We aim at rendering services which will open new possibilities for our customers and allow them to work more effective. Our values are: customers and quality.  


 The main direction of IT Source’s activity is a software development. In our base is contained a big quantity of ready decisions, and we also constantly develop new ones for the best successes of your business.

We are focused in development of such software

  • Content management system;
  • High-speed and charge-proof kernel for portal sites’ management;
  • IT outsourcing;
  • CRM systems;
  • ERP decisions;
  • DBMS;
  • Management system of information news resources; 
  • Social networks;
  • Corporate portals;
  • Control system of educational process in high school;
  • Control system of sites’ conglomerate from a uniform management system;
  • Software development;
  • IT consulting.

Our featured products:

  • CRM system Vast CRM™ - system of customer relationship management;
  • Multisite content management system Circle Corporate CMS™ - content management system, which allows simultaneously manage any number of websites from a single center;
  • Internal portal InPortal™ - a specialized system, access to which is granted only to employees of the company;
  • Electronic document management system DMS Imperial™ - organizational-technical system, which ensures the process of creation, management, access and dissemination of electronic documents;
  • Management system of information news resources NewsPortal™ - a web site where periodically and regularly updates content of information character on a certain topic or a certain group of topics;
  • ERP system AB Solut® ERP - corporate information system to automate accounting and management;
  • University system Academy - control system of educational process in high school;
  • Content management system Admin CMS™ - professional system of content web sites management; 
  • Web services’ kernel AB Solut® WebService – a software package which allows you to automate the process of management as a web service totally as its individual elements;
  • Rubricator™ - system, which allows you to collect various news media materials and content from other websites;
  • Partnership program Partnership CRM™ - program developed for the conduction of the partnership programs;
  • Social network SocialMaster™ - interactive multi-user’s web site which content is filled by the members of the network.


 Why clients choose us:

  • We do not hide about problems which can arise with software’s functioning;
  • Our systems represent an optimum combination of price and quality;
  • We explain in detail and show, how systems work;
  • Software development is carried out by proceeding from real needs of the customer’s company, instead of aspiration of developers to extend as much as possible money from the client; 
  • We competently consult clients in choosing of system’s "filling";
  • We give qualitative instructions to our projects;
  • We are engaged software’s development and introduction more than eight years and have acquired during this time a wide experience;
  • No one of our clients remained dissatisfied with our program decisions.

 Clients choose us because our activity is not only software development. Besides we carry out detailed research of the client’s company problems, we engage consulting and as much as possible optimize the project until beginning of its realization. 


 If you have any questions please call our manager by phone: (832) 3056552. 

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